The Monday American | American History Podcast

The podcast that never takes the 'story' out of American history.

A Podcast revisiting American history one story at a time. Studying history teaches that contrary to popular belief, hindsight isn't always 20/20. A history podcast presenting American history while ensuring the "story" is never left out of history.

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Host: Andrew Gehrt

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  • Andrew Gehrt lives in Greenville, SC where he researches, records and publishes the podcast from his studio.

  • Andrew grew up in the "lowcountry" of South Carolina on Hilton Head Island; home to a vast amount of Revolutionary and Civil War history.

  • Studying History became a passion of Andrew's at an early age. When his father took a job in Tokyo, Andrew was able to visit for and see first hand the history of WWII in the pacific theater, including a week long visit to Saipan.

  • While on Saipan he stood on the "suicide cliffs" where thousands of civilians jumped to escape American soldiers, he stood in the command center of the Island for the Japanese and touched the hole created by a direct hit from a Navy vessel. He saw the Sherman tanks that the American crews weren't able to bring to shore, still sitting where they were last used. He was able to dive down on a perfectly intact Japanese "Zero" fighter plane and touch the cockpit under water; as if it had been frozen in time after it's watery demise.

  • It was all this and more that created the passion of studying history within Andrew; ultimately leading to his passion to teach others to share that passion. It was that early passion that led to studying History at Clemson University and specializing in American History overall; specifically focusing on 20th Century American History. Andrew has a passion for the "story" in history and decided to start a podcast in February of 2017 to spread that passion and help people see the side of history that they otherwise might not find.

"History is more than dates and names; it's understanding what happened and why. I try to see what it was actually like for them, to view things the way did and walk a mile in their shoes. If we can see things the way they were for people before us, we will better understand what lies in front of our own path." - Andrew Gehrt (host of The Monday American Podcast)

  • The podcast's success is due to the help Andrew has received along the way. None of this would be possible without the tremendous help and support of people like Kirby Parnell (Image Creation), Brendan Hutchins (Audio Consultation and Podcast guru) and many more. Without their assistance this podcast wouldn't be the success it has become today.