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“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” - Rudyard Kipling

American History told in a whole new way. The Podcast Advocate Network brings you an American history podcast that holds true to the words of Rudyard Kipling: “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” We put the “story” back into History!

The American Civil War (Part V): A Nation Born of Blood

Part Five of the series opens with the full realization of the Confederate States of America that the war cannot be won setting in. General Ulysses S. Grant moves into Richmond, VA and occupies the recently abandoned Confederate government headquarters.Robert E. Lee takes his men on a "march from hell" only to realize the only option is surrender, which he does on April 9, 1865. When everything seems to be coming together, the nation loses Abraham Lincoln to an assassin's bullet; altering the course of the new nation forever...

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The American Civil War (Part IV): The Reality of War

In Part IV of the American Civil War the nation reels from the cost of the conflict. The Battle of Antietam takes its toll as the nation's bloodiest single day of combat - ever. The Battle of Gettysburg becomes the country's most costly single battle, still to this day. The Union army control is given to Ulysses S. Grant who battles Robert E. Lee through the Overland Campaign, inching closer to Richmond where the life of the Confederate States of America seems to be waning. 

The American Civil War: A House Divided (Part III)

The nation undergoes several crucial events in its course to all out war, which has long been coming. Topics covered in this episode include: Nat Turner's Rebellion, The Fugitive Slave Act, the Dred Scott decision, the Kansas-Nebraska Bill, The Election of 1860, Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, Fort Sumter, The Battle of Bull Run, The Naval Buildup and the national realization that this was not going to be a short lived war.


The American Civil War (Part I)


The beginning of the civil war story starts earlier than you might imagine. We back up all the way to 1790 where George Washington announced his retirement from politics with his famous farewell address. It was a few months prior to this event that led Washington to address to the nation just what he felt was necessary in order to preserve the life of this new democratic republic that the United States had formed. He issued a warning that the biggest threats to democracy were the people themselves not understanding the freedom with which they were granted, and not unifying as a nation of United States. The reason Washington had these concerns was due to a debate about slavery that occurred a few months prior to his address. The slavery issue came to the house floor and was debated with fervor and heated conversation. The eventual outcome would be that due to the passing of the United States Constitution years prior, congress had no right to touch the topic of slavery through the year 1808. It ended with the abolitionists and pro-slavery arguers understanding that not only could the United States of America not do anything about the issue right then, due to the overwhelming understanding that the states dependent on it for their economy would surely succeed and destroy the Union right away; but they understood that they weren't even ready to talk about the topic due to the fact that neither side had a realistic and attainable solution. Episode 24, Part one of the Civil War series begins the story of the Civil War in the midst of the heated congressional debate about what this new nation known as the United States of America will do about the topic of Slavery. 

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt: America's Bull Moose

We've been working hard to introduce to you a new ongoing series titled: American Made. It will feature a character from American History that embodies the classic American ideals we admire, and a person that directly contributed to the success of our great nation! We hope you're as excited as we are about this! 

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The Miracle over Miami: Eastern Airlines Flight 855

Eastern Airlines Flight 855: The Miracle over Miami.

 This is the story of how a commercial jetliner was able to avoid utter disaster over the ocean and safely land in Miami, all 172 passengers and crew along with it. 

Although this is a slight deviation in the normal American history episodes we do it still plays an integral part in the nation's story. We hope you enjoy. 

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The American Revolution (Part III)

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George Washington Suffers defeat after defeat in the Revolutionary War, ultimately leading many to question his capability to lead the Army against the British invaders. For all his early failures and misfortunes he is able to plan one of the most iconic attacks in military history; resulting in the revival of the revolutionary cause for the colonies divided to become states that were united. This is the story of how George Washington saved America before it was even born.

*Bonus* With "Mulder Was Right" Podcast: 9/11 Collaboration (Part Four)

Part four of the highly anticipated and nearly critically acclaimed series on 9/11 brought to you by the collaboration of "The Monday American" and "Mulder Was Right" podcasts!

Enjoy the fourth and final part of this series where we discuss the implications since the attack and the possible motives for the attack if it were done by one of our own...

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The American Revolution (Part II)

The American Revolution (Part II)

The Second of three parts devoted to the American Revolution. We go through the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Second Continental Congress' decision to declare their independence from Great Britain, and their decision to appoint George Washington as the General of the first Continental Army. An episode packed with a story of struggle, excitement and fear that is ultimately the beginning of American History.


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*Bonus* With "Mulder Was Right" for 9/11 Series (Part Two)

9/11 Part 2/4

This is part two of four of the September special where all month long we team up with the "Mulder Was Right" podcast for the massive topic of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. This is part two where the topic is mainly the Twin Towers and the oddities surrounding their collapse. 

It is an episode that is long, full of information, and of course several digressions unrelated to anything involving the topic that are sure to entertain.  

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*Bonus* With "Mulder Was Right" for 9/11 Series (Part one)

This episode is part one of four which "The Monday American" and "Mulder Was Right" join forces and tackle the massive, challenging and downright painful topic of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11th 2001. What I want to ensure is that anyone listening knows that we are two very different podcasts that cover very different topics. "The Monday American" is a history based program that doesn't dive too much into the present day where the "Mulder Was Right" podcast tackles conspiracy theories and other "alternative facts" or lesser known stories. 

What we strived for in doing an in depth analysis of 9/11 was to dive into the background of it, the attacks themselves, what happened or didn't and what the implications of that have been and will continue to be. On a personal side, I tend to not buy the conspiracy behind the attacks whereas many do. My focus in this collaboration with the hosts of "Mulder Was Right" is talk about the macro of the topic. The attacks forcibly took us out of the WWII era that we were still in and launched us into the post 9/11 era of fear and civil liberties being placed on the chopping block seemingly at will. 

The guys at Mulder Was Right are a great bunch of guys, if you haven't listened to their show go check them out now and thank me later. We got together to tackle another big topic and this one is for the entire month of September. Three more episodes will be released this month that focus on the attacks that fateful Tuesday Morning. I want to be clear that in no way do myself, "The Monday American" or "Mulder Was Right" attempt to dishonor the lives lost either from the attack or from the heroes who ran towards the chaos to help others rather than away. We know that this is a very difficult topic for many to this day and will be for quite some time. We attempted to stay as neutral to the facts and evidence as possible and if you find offense from this or any of the episodes it was unintentional on our part. 

Enjoy the first part of the September 11th attacks and buckle up because its a long haul! 

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The American Revolution (Part I)

In the first of three episodes comprising a series devoted to The American Revolution, we discuss how we got to the point of all out war against the largest military power the world had seen so far. Who were these people that left Great Britain in search of entrepreneurial fortune and adventure in a brand new world? What made these colonists so angry that they decided their very own lives were worth less than their cause?

Listen to part one and find out everything you didn't know about the American Revolution.

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World War II (Part III): A War Against Evil

-Thanks for listening to the third installment of the World War II series on the show. This episode is titled "A war against evil." We spent a long time debating what to call it, titles aren't always easy. Eventually as more and more research and work was done for this episode it became clear that was the only choice. The men who fought this war weren't fighting it for political gain or for conquest; they were fighting on the battlefield against pure evil itself. I hope you enjoy this episode, it begins in the winter of 1944 in Belgium where the American 101st airborne division is about to experience the coldest winter of their lives...

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